Friday, November 7, 2008

Speaking of side effects...

Here we are, about 48 hours after the administration of week 2 of chemo and already we have waves of nausea and hair thinning. The poor little man just whines and runs over to me to pick him up when he doesn't feel good. I pick him up, he curls up on me, sucks his thumb and just leans on my shoulder. And I just hold him... and we cuddle through it.

The hair freaked me out yesterday. I felt like it is so early for that to start but I guess not. There were stray hairs on the back of his shirt yesterday, in his crib this morning and on my pillow when he laid down with me at 5:30 this morning.

I hate this. I hate that the medication that is supposed to make him better makes him sick. I hate that there is no cure or medicine that isn't so hard on people. I hate that he is 2 years old and going through this.

I am off to cuddle with my little man again. Please keep those prayers coming!

Love to you all,



Andersen Family said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm still thinking about you guys. I read your post about Katie. It's so hard for the sibling. I worry all the time about Drew. Hang in there the best you can,


Kathryn said...

Oh Chrissie! I wish I could wrap my arms around you and just cry with you. Not from having a child going through this stand point, but I remember all the same things with my mother-in-law when she went through ovarian cancer and with my great-aunt with breast cancer twice. The same thoughts ran through our minds too....why does the stuff that supposed to make you feel better make you so sick. It's hard on adults going through it and can understand why it's happening to a point. But a child a child so young.
My prayers are always with you all!

Jennifer said...

sorry that he isn't feeling well. i'm sending lots of loving, caring, get well thoughts and prayers your way!

sorry i haven't been around, we moved... i've missed reading your blog and am going to try to catch up later this afternoon when things are quieter here.

hope you are having the best day you can have.

lots of hugs!!

Fella',Mommy,Girly,Chrissy,Christina,You Pick! said...

Again, I am not with you in person but with you in spirit. I think about Mike daily and pray for him. I am so sorry he is going through this. I am just so very sorry! He will beat this though and be a very strong little boy afterwards! He already is, as is Mommy! (And Daddy and sister and rest of family!)