Sunday, May 3, 2009

Quick note about Caring Bridge!

Hi everyone...

I am so thrilled that so many people have come to visit Mikey's Caring Bridge page. I just want to make sure it's clarified that the reason the page has been moved is because there is a lot going on medically and I want to be able to update everyone knowing that the stories, pictures and information I share are safe and so that I know that who is checking it.
I had someone sign into Caring Bridge with the name memememe, me and the e-mail address I blocked it. I'm sorry but I really do want to know who is reading about Mikey. I want to know who is looking at his pictures and who is praying with us and supporting us. I want to be able to include all of our supporters in my good thoughts and prayers too and I can't do that if everyone doesn't use their names.
I hope you all understand why I blocked that e-mail address and would like everyone to use their real names. I am sure whoever used it really does care and wants to keep updated on Mike so I hope that person understands why I blocked them. Please follow Mike's story using your own name, I am sure that I will be glad you are there.