Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DISGUSTED with General Hospital

This is somewhere that I can share our journey and bring awareness to people that kids get cancer too. That's what I'm going to do... and that's what I thought one of the TV shows that I've been watching on and off for 20 years was going to do too.. boy, was I wrong!

Today, I turned on General Hospital. Michael is in the bath and Timmy is hanging out in his crib. I haven't watched in weeks but I heard that GH was taking on a storyline that I haven't seen on a soap opera before. They diagnosed a baby girl with cancer. I was amazed and so thrilled that some awareness will be out there. That a show was actually going where not many shows have gone before and possibly show at least a piece of what these kids go through.

In true soap opera fashion another child was hit by a car and killed. His kidney was a match for this baby girl. They are doing a transplant and she will be fine. The little girl's mom was crying that 'there's no time, if she doesn't get this transplant they are going to pump her full of chemo! She needs that kidney!'.

Seriously?? What kind of awareness does that bring? Why can't they show her in the hospital? Getting chemo? Wearing a cap (designer or otherwise) because she's bald? Walking around hooked up to an IV pole?

Don't get me wrong... the fact that they killed a child to give this baby girl a kidney is horrible. No child should die... being hit by a car or otherwise. They had the chance to do an amazing thing for the over 12,000 kids fighting this beast and the 46 children that will be diagnosed every day after this episode airs and they screwed it up.

I get that sick kids don't get ratings. I get that no one wants to see a baby go through chemo or be sick but General Hospital... you did a disservice to Michael and all of the other kids that are fighting for their lives. There are no 'quick fixes' for them. There are not many options other than 'pumping them full of chemo'.

They have done so much to bring awareness to AIDS, PPD, PTSD, rape, Breast Cancer, teen pregnancy and so many other issues... why not help to bring awareness to the kids??

It is a disgrace.

That's me on my soap box... I just had to vent... and I hope you all forgive this rant.

Love & hugs,