Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mike update 9.18.08

**This was copied from an e-mail I sent on 9.18.08

I am going to make this short because we are waiting to go for some more tests. On Monday evening (9.15.08) I noticed Mike's eyes were starting to cross. I was able to get him into the pediatrician on Tuesday who agreed that it was very concerning that it came out of no where. The ped was able to get me in with a pediatric ophthalmologist yesterday. The ped opth. saw that his optical nerve was swollen and called the neurologist. Between the swollen nerve, the crossed eyes and the ventricle issue on the MRI both Dr's felt that we should go to the SW Florida Children's hospital ER. We spent hours there and had another MRI done. After that it was decided that we should be sent to All Children's Hospital in St. Pete/Tampa.
We just saw the ophthalmologist here and he said that the swelling of the optical nerve is most definitely caused by the pressure in the brain. We are going to be brought down for an MRI and a spinal tap to check for infection because when the MRI from last night was enhanced the neurosurgeon saw white spots in the fluid around the brain. It wasn't in the brain tissue but actually in the fluid. We have seen the ped. ophthalmologist and an infectious disease Dr this afternoon and are being sent for the spinal MRI and spinal tap in about 20 minutes.

So, that's about all I know for now. I am an absolute mess but am trying to hold it together for my little man. I will try to update you all when I can. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers


Barbara said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know this is the scary time.
Any brain surgery is scary. Your story reminded me about my dad who had this past march brain surgery too. He had infection where fluid collected . First they said tumor and then when they did the surgery to take out fluid they found out he had STREPTOCOCCUS which started from his teeth.
I know awaiting for test result is the hardest thing and not knowing what is going on.. is scary too. I will pray for you and mike.
Best regards