Monday, January 26, 2009

Can this kid PLEASE catch a break?!

Hi everyone...

Yes, the saga continues and nope, there is never a dull moment.
On the plus side, Mike took all 5 nights of chemo like a champ! I was so thrilled!
On the down side...On Saturday when I got home from Katie's birthday party I woke Mike up from his nap to get him ready to go up to my in-law's house. When I went to change his diaper I noticed that his left testicle was big again. I immediately called MSKCC to talk to the fellow but wasn't beside myself worried about it. I figured it was the fluid from the VP shunt draining again and since he isn't walking and getting around as much it was pooling in his scrotum again. The pediatric fellow said that as long as it wasn't red, hot to the touch and he wasn't running a fever and he wasn't vomiting it was ok to not come in to the urgent care that afternoon but that I should bring him in on Monday morning at 8:30AM. So, Matt & I drove upstate for the night.
By the time I put him to bed Sat night everything looked good. It looked like it was back to normal. Sunday morning around 10 it looked like things were puffing up again and then that afternoon it was ok again. So, off to MSKCC we went this morning! Thankfully, my BFF, J, was able to come in with Mike & me. It always helps to have another set of ears! The surgeon took one look and feel and said that he felt the hernias in both sides of Mike's scrotal sac. So, as of right now, surgery is being scheduled for Friday and if that is the case then we will have to go in on Wed for pre-op. :( We had to cancel the PT appointments that we had set up for this week so that we didn't aggravate the hernias any more.
Please keep Mike in your prayers. I hope you are all doing well!!

Love and hugs to you all!!



Jennifer said...

wow. seriously can he catch any sort of break??
i'm sorry to hear that he has MORE going on now, on top of everything else and has to have surgery too! that sucks. :(

you are all always in my thoughts and prayers!! even when i'm not here to always read up on what is going on or to comment, I'm always thinking of you all.

i'm glad that Mike is taking the chemo like a champ, I just hope he gets a break with everything real soon.

lots of thoughts,love, hugs, well wishes, speedy recovery, and PRAYERS being sent your way!!

xoxoxo always, jenn