Friday, August 1, 2008

Mikey-Mike's Neuro appt & blood work...

The eval yesterday was ok. The neuro really can't diagnose speech apraxia without ruling out medical issues first so he ordered blood work and we have to go for an MRI. I am not really thrilled about the MRI... it is scheduled for Aug. 26th and he has to be sedated for it. :( I really liked the Dr, he was very informative and really listened to what I told him about Mike. He asked all sorts of questions and really made Mike comfortable with him so that was a HUGE plus!! With Mike's 12 ear infections and 2 surgeries he REALLY hates doctors!! LOL We have to go back on October 30 to see how he is progressing and to re-eval him then. If anything shows up on the tests we will obviously have to go back before then though.

So, today's mess... We went to get the blood work done. It was a fasting blood work order so of course I wanted to go as early as I could. Both kids got up around 10 after 8. Katie put on new PJ's and underwear (it is pajama day at camp) and got Mike dressed. We all got ready and headed out. Of course I forgot the blood work orders so I had to turn around and get them. I finally dropped Katie off at camp and took Mike to the lab. We got there and he was yelling 'I eat! I eat' 'Sticks' 'O's'... the poor kid was so hungry!! I was able to get him water though so that was good. We had to wait about 15/20 minutes for them to get the paperwork and everything done and to look up the tests that the Dr was ordering. When they finally handed me the paperwork to give to the phlebotomist I almost fell on the floor!! SEVEN, yes 7, vials of blood needed to be drawn!! I asked her if I did the math right... 3 lavender tops,2 red tops,1 green, & 1 green frozen... and yep I did!! I said but he's only 2 and only 28 lbs!! That can't be right!! Well, it was! It was HORRIBLE!! :( He was hysterical, Mama No, All done, ByeBye car, No No No... and then in the middle of the 4th vial he got his arm moved just enough to knock the needle out of the vein and they had to stick him in the other arm. By the time we were done his head was soaked from sweat, he was bright red from crying and he was a mess. I came home and needed to change my shirt from his head being on me!!

Of course, he is fine now. I'm not but he is fine!! LOL I keep convincing myself that the argument, It's 12 o'clock somewhere isn't a good enough argument to allow me to pop open a bottle of wine right now!! LOL I am telling you, God knew what He/She was doing when I got healthy kids... I don't think I could do this on a regular basis!! I am off to play with my little guy now....

Love, hugs & kisses,