Friday, August 15, 2008

My new love in life...Target

I am in a Mom's group and the question was posed... What do you love about Target? Well, once I started writing I couldn't stop!! LOL I just wanted to share what is probably a sad love-story but here is what I wrote...

"I liked Target in NY but the closest one was about 1/2 hour away and not in the best of neighborhoods and I didn't get to the good ones too often. But, I have to tell you... when we moved down here I fell in LOVE!! :) I can't even tell you how long I can spend going through the Dollar section! I have gotten ice packs galore for lunchboxes & coolers, holiday kitchen tools for my decorating fetish (Yes, I decorate insanely for every holiday! LOL), about 4 or 5 Sesame Street board books, plastic toy animals for Mike, Disney Princess zip-top bags for Katie's lunchbox, great gift bags and blank cards, water and beach toys...yep, I could write about this for days!! LOL
My only problem with Target is the issue I have when I get in there. See, my best friend & I call Target the $100 store...more often than not, even if you go in for one thing, you find so much that you love you end up spending close to $100!! LOL
I have found some amazing deals at Target, I filled both kids' Easter baskets from there, I got the teacher's end of the year gifts from there for a great price, I got Katie's lunch supplies on sale a few months ago. But, my favorite reason that I absolutely love shopping is their kids clothes clearance sales! Kids grow out of clothes so fast that I hate spending a crazy amount of money on play clothes for them just to wear them for a little while, mess them up and grow out of them! The Target clothes are great, they wash really well and they aren't expensive!
Well, I could go on and on and on about my love for Target but I won't bore you any more!! LOL"

See, it is quite a strange love! I knew I liked Target but I didn't realize just how much I really LOVED Target until I started writing this!! LOL Well, looks like another $100 trip to Target is in my very near future... lol

Love, hugs & kisses,