Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Birthday wishes...

I know it's been a long time since I posted here. I've been posting on Mikey's Caring Bridge site but that's been all about Mikey... I need a place to be about me. And what better day to start that than my birthday?

Did you ever notice how birthday wishes change so much as the years go by? When you're really little you wish for a pony. Then you realize you can't have a pony so you wish for that one special toy you want. As you get a little older you wish for that great pair of jeans you saw in the store and all of the other kids are wearing. Then you graduate from that and start wishing for electronics... when I was younger it was a CD player or a VCR... now it's an iTouch or gaming system. All of a sudden, in the blink of an eye, your wishes become... a full night of sleep, a day off from work and maybe even ::gasp::, a morning to sleep in.

The way we celebrate changes too. We start by celebrating with just our families then we have family and a few friends when we are really little then we graduate to classmate parties and then we have friends parties, then comes the 'co-ed' parties and then we have crazy nights out and then all of a sudden you find yourself saying 'I really don't want to have to cook on my own birthday' so you go out to dinner with a few friends. Yet, even after that really nice dinner celebration with friends you find yourself saying, cake with family is the best part.

Tonight we have dinner and cake with my mom's side of the family which will be great too. :) Nothing like all of us sitting around the dining room with an orange cake (requested by Mike... and how do I say no to that?) singing Happy Birthday 4 times because Mike wants to keep blowing out the candles! :) On Sunday we are going out to dinner with my dad's side of the family and that will be another fun celebration. I don't think we can sing 4 times in a restaurant but I'm sure Mike will try to get us to do just that! lol

The celebration I am most looking forward to though is this afternoon. K has a 1/2 day of school and Matt is coming to the house in between jobs and we are going to have lunch. Just the 5 of us. I am so happy to have that. It doesn't happen often.

I find myself with a lot of wishes this year. They vary in expense and seriousness. Some cost nothing, some cost a little, some a lot and some are priceless. Some wishes are practical, some are fun, some are outlandish and some are the deepest of wishes, the kind that you so desperately want to come true.

This year I wish for a full, uninterrupted, at least 8 hours of sleep; a Disney Dooney bag; new glasses; a new wardrobe... that doesn't consist mostly of sweats & t-shirts; one night a week of dinner out with my hubby and/or friends; a vacation for me at a resort on a white, sandy beach with great food and drinks; paid tuition to culinary school... and the time to go! And how can I forget? I wish for a new car!! Nothing crazy or fancy, but a car that I can comfortably fit my 3 kids (2 of which are in car seats!), double stroller & someone in the front seat all at the same time... in other words, something bigger than my Corolla! And I wish for a home of my own with enough bedrooms for my kids to all have their own rooms and a play room for them to all hang out in together. While I'm at it... I wish for a winning lottery ticket... not a $5 prize but I don't need a $25 million prize either... about $5 million should more than do it... I could buy a house, pay off bills & student loans, give gifts to family members, not have to worry about college for the kids and still have enough to take care of Mike's medical bills for a couple of years. And why stop there?? I wish vegetables were bad for you and chocolate could be a health food! I wish the weather was 70 and sunny most of the year... and that hay fever and allergies didn't exist!!

And I would give up all of those wishes and any hope of any of them coming true... for my biggest and deepest wish of all. The wish that I will be saying to myself as I blow out the candles on my cake tonight... I wish for my children and family to be healthy and happy. For Katie & Mikey and Timmy to grow old and for them to be happy and healthy for their whole lives. Of course that would mean that the doctors have about 14 hours left of my birthday to get answers and to find a cure for cancer... but I can dream and wish and hope, can't I?


Andersen Family said...

Dreams and hope is what keep us going. Don't ever give up.