Thursday, December 11, 2008

7 weeks down.... 53 to go... & Katie's Christmas Show!! :)

Hi everyone!

I want to thank all of those that have responded so generously about giving blood in Mike's name. I appreciate you all more than you will ever know!

So, yesterday Mike received his 7th chemo treatment. His numbers were holding strong yesterday!! :) His WBC was 11.7, HGB 11.3, Platelets 458 (!) and ANCs 5.9!! :) YAY Mike!! :) It seems that the transfusion and the 5 days of Neupogen really did what they were supposed to do. He did really well during treatment yesterday. We had a new nurse and she was wonderful. So far our nurses have been Mary, Carlene & Cassie. Of course, Maureen and Connie aren't our nurses but we like to call them our own too!! LOL Anyway, Mike did really well during his appointment and during treatment. The Dr was happy with his progress and how he came back from the neutropenia. I do have some concerns about things going on w/ Mike and I addressed them w/ the Doctor. The Dr. just wants me to keep an eye on him and keep a journal of what is going on and how often things are happening.

On top of those concerns, Mike got sick in the middle of the night. He woke up around 3:15 whining and cranky. I went over to rub his back and to see what was going on. He calmed down as I was rubbing his back and then all of a sudden he just got sick. :( It happened 3 times and he was so upset. I felt horrible for him. He stayed up laying in my bed just uncomfortable and upset. He finally fell back to sleep around 6 or so. He isn't doing so hot today either. I gave him the anti-nausea meds and they seemed to help for a little while and you could really tell when the meds were wearing off. He was miserable. :( I hate that he feels so sick.

Since I had sent Katie right to my mom's room as soon as Mike started getting sick my mom came in when Mike and I were just falling back to sleep and got what Katie needed to wear to school today and got her up and dressed so I could get some more sleep. This is why I know I couldn't do this anywhere else. To know that Katie is taken care of while I am taking care of Mike when he is sick is priceless.

Anyway, on to Katie's Christmas show. I can't post most of the pictures b/c they have other kids in them but I will show you the ones of just her. She was so excited yesterday to be doing the show. I think it was even more exciting b/c she had so many people come to see her. That's what I love about my family and being so close again! My mom works in her school so she is always there! My sister watched Mike at home and will come to the show tonight and my other sister came with us last night after work. My dad and stepmother drove to us from NJ and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law stayed here instead of driving back upstate right after chemo to see the show. And, as an added bonus, my aunt was up from Florida to take care of my great aunt after she fell and was still here last night so she came to the show too!! Katie was so thrilled that everyone was there and it was so great to see her so happy and excited! Here are a few pictures of her from yesterday :)

Katie & Mike playing after Katie got home from school where she had her dress rehearsal for the show :)

Katie in her dress for Wednesday night's show!! :)

The show's title... Children of the World Rejoice!

Katie standing in front of the Advent Candles that her class made :)

Well, that's it for now... Mike is napping so I am going to finish the laundry that needs to be done from last night.

I hope you are all well! Please keep those prayers and good thoughts coming!!

Love to all,


Kathryn said...

:( That Mike was sick.

And awwww! Katie looks beautiful in her dress!

Jennifer said...

i'm glad numbers are up and well. and that things are going as well as could be expected. sorry he was feeling sick though... that sucks. i hope by now he is feeling much better!!

you are all always in my thoughts and prayers. :)

Katie looks picture perfect... what a beautiful girl!! :)

have a wonderful and blessed day!!
lot of love always,