Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chemo Week 6... not a good week...

Hi everyone...

I am going to make this short because I am exhausted and need to take care of Mike. We had week 6 of chemo today. First they drew blood when they accessed the port and we waited... and waited and were finally called in to see the Dr and NP. Well, the NP we love, Mary, was in the room and started by telling us (my BFF J and me) that if this were a week where he was supposed to get the carboplatin he wouldn't be getting his chemo this week b/c his numbers were so bad. (I added a list on the right side of the page of the normal ranges of lab levels so you can reference them whenever you read) His platelets were great at 258. But that was the only one that was good...his white blood count is 3.0, his ABS Neut is 0.3 and his HGB is 8.1. :( So... he is officially neurtropenic. They had to place an inflaport (I think that's what it was called) in the back of his left arm so that I (or in this case, J's aunt who is a nurse b/c Mommy is to chicken to do it) can inject a drug called Neupogen to help bring his counts up. We have to go back on Friday to get his bloods drawn again and since his HGB is so low if it gets to 8.0 they will have to do a transfusion. :( Also, I have to take his temperature 4 times a day and if it gets to 100.4 I have to call them and if it gets to 101 I have to bring him right in to Sloan. If he should wake up in the middle of the night with a high fever I have to bring him right to an ER. A lot of scary instructions but we will get through it and I am hoping and praying the Neupogen helps sooner rather than later!!
They did give him the Vincristine today though since that chemo drug isn't supposed to lower the levels. So, at least we are staying on schedule.
They also told me that they are going to refer him to the Make A Wish Foundation. I had always thought that the only kids who were referred to that were terminal kids but now any child that has a chronic health condition can be referred. We shall see what happens with that.
Well, that's all for now... a lot to take in and a lot to deal with. He was amazing again today and I am so glad J was able to come with us. It was so great to have him there.

I will try to update tomorrow on how Mike is doing! Please continue to keep Mike and our family in your prayers!

Love to you all,


Kathryn said...

Sorry to here it wasn't a good week. (((((((Chrissie and Mike))))))))
I'm going to ask my mom about the stuff for injections she uses. For being in kidney failure, they check all those things with her as well and she's needed injections a few times. She's not 3 so no need for that port thing. But still it all sounds pretty similar so now I'm curious what she gets when her numbers are low.
As always continued prayers.

Kay said...

I'm so sorry Mikey's levels went down. I will send him out on my prayer list. I think the more people praying the better. {{{hugs}}}

Andersen Family said...

Chrissie, I am praying for you guys in over drive. It seems to be one of those weeks. How is Katie feeling? Rylee has pneaumonia and double E's in both ears, ugh!! Keep us updated.

Renee said...

((((Chrissie and Mike)))))
You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that the new medicine brings his levels up.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I was just reading about the Make A Wish foundation and learned that it wasn't only for terminal kids. That's great, I hope that works out for him. I hope his levels stabilize, too.

Jennifer said...

oh no. i'm so sorry his levels weren't up... but i'm glad that things are being done to get them were they need to be.

i'm hoping, wishing and praying it all works FAST and none of the negative happens... no hospital or ER trips b/c of fevers.

you are a strong and wonderful mommy!! :)

i'm sending you all good vibes, lots of strength, love and support... and, of course, as always you are all in my thoughts and prayers!!

lots of love!!

Jennifer said...

also... that is good news about the make a wish foundation... i hope they do something wonderfully amazing for Mike and your family. :)

best wishes!!


Kathy said...

Hi Chrissie, you don't know me but your Blog has touched my heart...Just want you to know that I am praying for your sweet little boy as well as your entire family...May God give you peace and strength through this time.
Prayers from Georgia,

Jennifer said...

just stopping in to let you know i'm thinking of you all today. hope that today is better than yesterday and most of all the Mike is feeling good.

thinking and praying for you all always!!


Blueangels said...

Looking forward to hearing about Make a Wish. My sorority, Chi Omega, nationally sponsors Make a Wish! Many of my friends were Wish Granters and had such an amazing experience! I think it would be a great distraction for Mike and you too!
Hope you guys are doing well. How is your husband? I remember reading he is not near your guys, has he been able to visit?