Thursday, February 12, 2009

PT and OT and our next 2 crazy weeks!

Hi everyone,

I have to tell you, I am finding out that more and more people are reading my blog and can't believe that there are over 300 people that have joined Mikey's Facebook group! I am so touched by the tremendous amount of support that we have received from everyone. Thank you all so much and for those that haven't joined yet, please go to the group and send a request to join! Once you are on there you will be able to get the 'Reader's Digest version' of everything that has happened up until now and where you can keep updated on what is coming up for Mike in the future. One of the things you will find is that on February 18th we are having a Virtual Prayer Day For Mikey-Mike!! Wednesday, Feb. 18th is the first day of Mike's 2nd round of chemo. We are praying that this chemo kills the tumor cells that are all over his spine and brain and that he continues to tolerate it as well as he has been tolerating it! Pray from your office, home or wherever you are, pray in your PJs, in your worksuits or in your workout gear!! Just please, join us in praying for Mike's full recovery and that this drug does it's job!

Now, onto Mikey-Mike! On Thursday morning I took Mike into MSKCC for his PT and an OT appointmenta. I am now fully aware that we need to schedule his OT appointment BEFORE his PT appointment. The poor little man was in so much pain from PT and was so wiped out that it broke my heart. All he wanted to do during the OT appointment was hang onto me and be held. I do have to say though, the therapists were phenomenal with him and were so patient and supportive!! That was a big help in all of that. The PT said that the VinCristine caused the foot drop that he has and that foot drop caused his ankles to be stiff which caused the pain when he was walking which caused him not to want to walk which caused the muscles to stiffen so much which causes the pain when anyone tries to get him to stand. So, all in all, I think it's going to be a long and painful journey for my little man to get walking again. He really liked bouncing on the exercise ball until M (the therapist) tilted the ball to move him to a standing position. I now have to go online to find an exercise ball so I can work with him at home too. I just feel horrible because he was in so much pain. I know it needs to be done because he needs to walk but I can't stand when he cries out the way he does it. I have exercises to do with him at home too. My mom had wanted me to show her how to do the leg moves but I don't want anyone else to have to do it because they hurt and it would be horrible if he associated anyone else with the pain. :(

So, we go back to MSKCC on Wed, 2/18. Mike has an appointment with the oncologists to have an exam and to get the Temodar (chemo) that we have to start at home that night. Then he has PT and OT again. On 2/24 we go back AGAIN to get blood work done, have a surgery follow-up, PT, OT AND Mike has to see the Ophthalmologist. That's going to be one very long day. 2/26 is just PT and OT. Looks like we are back to being at MSKCC 2 or 3 times a week! And, PLEASE don't forget to say some big time prayers on 2/18 that the chemo we are starting round 2 of is doing its job and on 3/9 for Mike's MRI!

I hope you and your families are all doing well! We continue to pray for all of you that visit us here to check in on Mike and our family. Please keep Mike in your prayers!!



Rhea said...

I will put in some prayers for Mikey with the Big Guy Upstairs. It sounds like he's been through a lot lately and has more to come.

I'm part of the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been a member since last summer, and I've read so many fun blogs and met so many amazing women through SITS. Welcome aboard!

Lindsay said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog... I will be praying for Mikey.... You are a strong woman and I admire that. Mikey can fight this horrible terrible disgusting battle and will be stronger for it. Please stay strong and if you ever need to talk you know how to find my blog or you can email me at

Lindsay- Avi's Mommy

Deb said...

thanks for linking up...

i will keep you and your family and especially mr. mikey in my prayers. stay strong and keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Dropping by from sits. Have a relaxing Sunday and make it a cupcake day!

In case you're interested my blog giveaway ends tonight. Grand prize is Juicy Couture cupcake earrings.

Jessica Kate said...

I'll be there praying on the 18th and most other days too.
yes. Please call me anytime. If I'm too blue to talk I'll call you back. Keep on keepin' on. Someone's got to beat this horrible evil. Go Mikey!

Jessica kate
Tuesday's mama

(my verification word says "cure". How about them apples?)