Friday, March 6, 2009

St. Baldrick's Foundation for Mikey-Mike!!

Hi everyone...

~~~~Just a warning... I am hyperlink happy in this post! :) The title of this blog is a link to Mike's tem page and anytime St. Baldrick's or Mikey's Miracles is written just click on either and you will be taken to the Irish Circle event or Mikey's team page! :)

When I was approached about this a couple of months ago by a girl that I used to babysit (yes everyone, that made me feel quite old!) I had no idea what it was all about. St. Baldrick's? I had never heard of it. Then I researched it. What an amazing charity!! People all over shave their heads in honor of kids suffering from cancer. All of the money raised goes to pediatric cancer research. I LOVED it immediately! I was so touched when K asked if her team could do the event in honor of Michael. I didn't hesitate to say absolutely! So, K got in touch with the event organizer and they made Mikey the honored child for the St. Baldrick's event in Rockaway. K also made a team, Mikey's Miracles!! Matt, K and family friends are coming out to shave their heads on Mikey's Miracles team! I put his story up and people that we never met are now making Mike the child that they are shaving in honor of! It's amazing how many people shave their heads and show such amazing support for the kids and their families.

I know this is a hard financial time for everyone so if you can't shave your head or donate I fully understand. If you live close enough and want to come join us for a wonderful day please do so! I would love to see you there!! :)

Here's the info
St. Baldrick's Foundation Kutting For A Kause event in Honor of Mikey-Mike
Mikey's Miracles Team
Saturday May 30, 2009
3PM at the Irish Circle in Rockaway Beach, NY

If you have any ??s please feel free to send me an e-mail at

Thank you so much for all of your support!! Please keep those prayers coming!!

Love to you all,