Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I can hear the bells...

You know you remember it...that sound that you would wait for every day when you were a kid. The one where your ears perked up as soon as you heard that very first note. It started to play every weekend and on the nice evenings in the middle of April and then on June 1st it was ringing through the neighborhood every day! My parents waited for it, I waited for it, you probably did too. And now my daughter waits for it. The sound that is music to every child's ears... the ice cream truck! It is amazing how quickly something like that gets engrained in kids' heads. We have only been in Rockaway for 3 days and she listens for it like a pro! LOL
And the ice cream truck that has the Rockaway route is the best! He knows the kids, he talks to them and by the end of the summer, he knows what they want before they ask for it!! That is one of the things that makes Rockaway.... well, Rockaway. That and the beach, the breeze from the water, the smell of the ocean, the walks in the evening just as the sun is going down so it isn't too hot, the people saying hello whenever they see you whether they know you or not. Katie was out running in the sprinkler on the front lawn while Mike was napping the other day. It was great. There were people out sitting on their front stoop, on their porches, walking to the beach. Mike came out when he woke up and played too. There were people sitting outside and walking here and there & they all came over and stopped and said hi. None of that, people coming home, giving you a 1/2 a wave and closing their garage doors.
I am looking forward to seeing my friends so much!! :) We have a beach playdate this Thursday with a friend of mine and her son. J & J are coming down in the morning so we can spend some time on the sand and in the water. Friday my BFF, C (Mrs. B.H. I like to jokingly refer to her as now that she is a newlywed!!) will be here!! :) I can't wait to see her! I haven't seen her since her wedding day!! :) I am hoping to see my other BFF J and my FABF R soon too!! :) I would love to get time in to see all of my friends while I am up here!! I miss them all so much!!
I love being home. I love seeing all my family and friends!! :) Being home is like getting a big hug after a really long, tough day. And I have been needing one of those hugs in the worst way!!
So, I wish for all of you to get that hug that you need... I am off to get some straightening up done before my mom gets back to a 'grandchildren-destroyed house'!!

With love from,
Chrissie in Happy Valley