Friday, July 25, 2008

My little man's first!!

Well, today was a first!! The first time my little man got a haircut!!! I know, I know... he is over 2 1/2, it should have been done before now!! LOL But, Mike never had hair that really needed to be cut. In his first birthday picture he had a perfect head of hair!! LOL It was just recently that the curls started to come out and get all crazy, especially in the heat. And living in Florida there is some major heat!!
So, we walked in and he had no idea what was coming. He sat in the kid booster chair and saw the scissors in the woman's hand and was having none of it!! So, Mommy had to sit in the chair with him. Yep, that's right... why should the 2 year old be the only one covered in hair when his mother could be itchy and covered too?!?! LOL The minute that scissor touched his head that was it!! He was whining and antsy saying 'All done'. 'Bye Bye Car' 'All done' 'Bye Bye Car' over and over again until that electric razor came on. That part was fun, but the scissors, those horrible scissors they way they took that hair off his head!! LOL
Needless to say, he came out of it fine :) No worse for the wear and even though I thought it was impossible, he came out cuter than he was going in!! Now he is walking around saying 'bye bye hair'!! LOL I love it!! :)