Monday, July 28, 2008

Oopies Mama Oopies!! Oopies Mama OOOOpies!!

LOL Yep, that's what I hear now!! "Oopies Mama, Oopies! Oopies Mama OOOOpies!!!" And nope, he didn't drop anything and nope, he didn't fall down. Oopies is apparently Mike's word for poopies!! LOL The minute he goes he says it... and unfortunately that can mean we get to it mid-poop and 2 minutes later he comes to me saying Oopes Mama Oopies again!! LOL

And yes, this is using more diapers... well, not for long... with this kind of interest in not having a dirty tushie we are going to Pull-Ups soon so that he can be wearing big boy pants! :) And in light of the clean tushie act going on in the house I went out and purchased a potty!! It is a Safety First potty that comes apart for easy movement to the big toilet so he can be comfy sitting anywhere!! LOL

And that brings me to my question.... Why is it that you teach boys to pee sitting down and then have to teach them to pee standing up?? I know, logistically speaking that it is for poopie in the potty comfort but I feel like it is teaching them twice. I know that little boys need to be able to aim into the pot (and let's face it, if you met Mike you would know that just ain't happenin' in my house!! LOL) but I feel like the whole teaching them to 'point it south' then teaching them to 'stand and aim' is confusing! It is probably more confusing for me than for him but still... confuse the Mommy and most likely you will confuse the kid!! LOL

I think I should start stocking up now on Clorox wipes and cleaning supplies!! Anyway, stay tuned for the Adventures in Potty Training from Happy Valley!! ;)

With Love,


Kay said...

Ugh! Potty training. :sigh:

Simon is totally ready but to be honest I'm one of the few people out there that would just rather not do it. I'm okay with changing diapers! I'm not okay with sitting on a sticky seat! lol

Good luck to ya!