Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We're back.... and big changes are in store for me!!

Yeppers, we are back in the Sunshine (the really nice way of saying hot & humid as all h*ll) state!! We had a great time in NY, there was a lot of craziness and running around and I didn't get to see my friends nearly enough but it was nice to be home for a month. I can't say that I am happy to be back but I am happy to be back to a routine for the kids! Katie is thrilled to be back and to see her friends. Mike is happy to have his things back and I wish I could say that I think Pugsley-Ugsley is happy to see us but I think she enjoyed not having 2 crazy kids running the house!! LOL

As for me, I have found that I need to do more than just a little work on me. It is time that I start adding myself to the 'People to take care of' list. Don't get me wrong, I had myself on there but I was somewhere below the gecko that found its way into my patio and couldn't find a way out... so it is time I bump myself up on that list. I deserve to be taken care of just like everyone else. And I need A LOT of work!! LOL It is time to whip me into shape. I don't just mean the physical me. That has needed a lot of work for a while!! LOL More than the physical me, the emotional and mental me needs work. I need to deal with things that I haven't really dealt with but put aside and in the back of my head in that infamous 'to deal with later' file. That file hasn't been opened in years and I think it is about time I stopped filing things away in there. It is time to stop keeping it all in and to stop dwelling on things that I can't change.
With that said, I have decided to do a few things and I am putting them here so that I can be held to them. So that I can come back here in a month (or 6 months or a year depending on the goal) and say, see, I set out to do that and I did it! Here are the things that I have decided to do to work on ME for a change...
1) Lose weight. Joining the gym, eating right and getting exercise!
2) Get out!! Meet some people, make some friends down here. I have 2 moms that I am friendly with but I really want to meet more people.
3) Get a babysitter!! Matt and I need time away from the kids more than once every 6 months so I am on a mission to find a sitter! And by getting a sitter I can accomplish my next goal...
4) Volunteer more at Katie's school. It was hard this past year to do anything at school since you can't bring the little kids so by having the babysitter I can get out and do that!
5) Clean up and get rid of the clutter!! There is WAY too much stuff in my house!! I need to downsize all the nonsense. Get rid of toys the kids don't play with and that are broken, donate the clothes that don't fit them, shred all the papers that I have kept for some unknown reason!!
6) Work with Matt to decide just where the hell we are going... are we staying here in the Cape? Are we moving to another part of Florida? Virginia? Maryland?? Where do we want to go? Where do we want to be? Where do we think would be the best place to raise our kids?

See what I mean?? BIG things and BIG changes are in store!! So, those are the goals for now. I don't want to overload myself and put too much pressure on me. These are all hard goals for me. I don't like leaving my kids with anyone, I am a HUGE pack rat (I mean crazy huge pack rat... I still have cards from my Sweet 16!! LOL) and I think I was born a size 16 or 18 so losing weight has never been really easy for me. But, even with all that I am going to do it. I have this nagging voice inside saying, 'Chris, it's time to take care of yourself, it's time to put yourself first on the list, under your kiddies of course!'. So, here goes.... Wish me luck, say some prayers and keep me in your thoughts! I will be updating my progress here as I go so stay tuned... :)

With love from Happy Valley,