Monday, February 9, 2009

A good day!

Hi everyone,

Yep, Mike had a good day at Sloan today! :)

His counts came back great! WBC: 7.2, HGB: 12.8, Platelets: 330 and ANC: 3.0!! Yep... that's all but the HGB in the normal range and the HGB level only misses the normal range by 0.2!! YAY!! He has been feeling good and has been acting good for the most part too so it makes me feel better to see him doing better. Don't get me wrong, he has his tough moments and he is still sleeping horribly overnight but for the most part, during the day, he's been pretty good.

And guess what?? He gained weight!! It's only 3 ounces but it's a gain! Hooray!! Looks like the eggs and ketchup, waffles, pancakes, cheerios diet is working!! LOL
They scheduled the next MRI too... March 9, 2009. So, mark your calendars everyone, March 9. March 9 is the day to send every good thought, feeling and prayer you have in you out there for Mikey-Mike!! :) I have to be honest, and please know I am being cautiously optimistic but I feel like this one's going to be good.

Well, after such a great morning he is one pooped little guy. I am going to put him in for a nap and get some stuff done around the house before I have to get Katie.

Oh, did I tell you about Katie? She is reading in Church for the Catholic School's week mass on Wednesday! She is so nervous. It's a long prayer of the faithful and it has big words like administrator and empower in it but she's doing it! I am so proud of her! I know she is going to do great!

Well, I am off to grab some lunch! I hope you are all doing well!! Please keep sending those prayers, we are still needing them!!



Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

So glad to see good news for your family! :o)

Ron Simpson, Jr. said...

great news ..

and a great diet ..

congrats to both of the kids ..

Kathryn said...

Glad to see some good news! Love the diet. Well except the ketchup on eggs thing. Never could stomach that. But hey if Mike is eating them that way then Woohoo! :)

The Rambler said...

Part of the welcoming crew on SITS....Your children are the cutest things. Will always keep your little one in my thoughts. Glad he had a better day today!


Sandy said...

I'll send some prayers your way!
I came by to welcome you to SITS! I'm glad to have you as a SITSta!

angi_b72 said...

Stopping by to welcome you from SITS!!!

Just Lisa said...

Welcome to SITS!

I'll be praying for your little guy and hoping for the best. Sounds like a good diet to me! Do you think it will work for a mommy that needs to lose 20 pounds?

@TiffanyRom said...

Welcome to SITS, we are thrilled to have you join us!

We are so glad to read your good news!

Tiffany & Heather

Anonymous said...

Good news. I imagine every mother can relate to this post.

Hope there is even better news in the future.

Welcome to the wonderful world of SITS!

Ron Simpson, Jr. said...

gift for you on my flickr .. link on my blog